What Women Think About Your Online Dating Profile

ready2flirtThere is a unique way women look at a man’s dating profile. They notice the pictures you upload, the words you use to describe yourself and they even check how often you are on the site.

You can tell a lot about a person’s online behavior and if you are not careful, you may convey the wrong message.  When meeting someone in person, you can show them who you really are by how you talk, what you say, your facial expressions or even how you walk( it shows your confidence) On the other hand, on online dating profiles, you only have a few minutes to capture their attention.

First impression do matter, they often determine how your online relationship will develop. It determines whether you will be targeted for a scam, purely sex or a lasting loving relationship. And even though online dating is not a popularity contest, it doesn’t hurt to get a few more matches to talk to.

Online dating can be tough and it can be difficult to know what you are doing right or wrong. It is difficult to know what to include or exclude. Nevertheless, you still need to be discerning about the information you provide to attract the right matches.

  1. Misleading photos

Photos obviously are a very important component in creating a great online dating profile. Your photos, like your profile, should reflect who you truly are. As a man, it is obvious that you may want to out your best foot forward by attracting matches based on how you look.

However, deception is not the way to do it. Avoid pictures that are taken with a poor camera, fuzzy, too dark or not clear. Also avoid posting group photos or pictures of your pet or any possession you own. Women want to see the real you.

Put a bit off effort when taking an online dating profile photo by taking a shower, a shave and clean, ironed clothes. Look as natural as possible by opting to take a picture during sunset and avoiding taking pictures with your shirt off. It makes you look vain.

Don’t leave the picture area blank. Neither should you post one of a celebrity. This makes women suspect you are hiding something.

  1. Grammar mistakes

Grammar mistakes can be a turn-off to women because it makes it look like you did not take the time to look through your profile and present it in a proper way. You also look like a dating scammer who wants to lure women into money traps.

If you are not good at writing, have a friend check your profile and edit it to pleasing way. They can correct any errors you may have missed to ensure the message you are trying to send is conveyed correctly.

Also, try to answer any question other online daters ask you coherently. Be descriptive by typing at least three whole sentences for every query. Such answers give insight into you as a dater and the questioner who wants to know more about you.

  1. Serious Topics

You should avoid certain topics the same way you would avoid them at a dinner party or with a stranger.

For example, don’t talk about your past relationships, especially if it was a toxic one. If you were hurt or disappointed in the past and you talk about it on your dating profile, it will most likely turn women off. It’s because it diverts the attention to a different issue and it also makes women you are not over your ex and you may bring those issues into future relationships. Save your heartbreak stories for a psychologist.

Also, don’t talk about religion in the first instance. This may be a very important aspect to some online daters but don’t force your views of other people. Women don’t like feeling judged by your beliefs. It is allowed politely state your religious preference but please do not preach and seek to convert. It will not work. Do the same for political views.

Furthermore, steer clear of money conversations. Whichever way you talk about sends red flags to women viewing your dating profile. If you say you don’t have any, women will run away because you will not be able to take care of her. If you say you have a lot, it will attract gold diggers. If you say you want a woman who is financially independent, you will look like a scammer. This taboo subject should only be discussed in a committed relationship.


It’s important to note that women tend to interpret things differently from men and what you write may be understood in the opposite way. To avoid this confusion, pay extra attention to what you write or reveal.

Find the perfect balance between sharing too much and not sharing enough. Writ enough to spark the interest but do not overshare to the point where you lose your mystery and readers feel like there’s nothing  new left to learn about you.

Take a look at other users’ profiles and note what you like about them. Get an idea of how they present themselves and tailor yours with that knowledge in mind. Authenticity and honesty are the important in creating a winning profile.


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