review lives up to the advertising hype with a huge number of active members, easy to use, well designed and a good value intro offer.

If you’re just signing up for one month then isn’t the cheapest dating site around. But considering the massive number of potential dates on maxxmatch, it’s a much safer bet than most of the competition.

Who is for? is for anyone looking for a serious relationship. It’s by no means perfect but the sheer numbers of people on maxxmatch who’ve invested in a paid subscription, in the hope of finding someone special, makes it worth the occasional annoyances.

If you’re after something more short term/casual then you’re probably better off on as offers a bit more depth than you’ll probably need!

Countries On

This dating website has a total of 26 Countries and the list keeps growing. The latest addition being Russia, Ukraine, Peru and Venezuela.

**Note: Below is a list of countries. When you click on the country, it will direct you to a link with a personal profile on the website which you can use as an example. Most of them are of Heterosexual Women. If you would like to see a list of:

  1. Black Women
  2. Gay Men
  3. Ladyboys
  4. Transgender

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In the European region we have:

  1. United Kingdom 
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. Germany
  5. Sweden
  6. Norway (Gay)
  7. Denmark
  8. Switzerland
  9. Finland (Gay)
  10. Greece
  11. Ireland (Heterosexual Male)
  12. Belgium
  13. Netherlands (Black Woman)
  14. Russia
  15. Poland (Asian Woman)
  16. Austria (Asian Man)
  17. Spain (Heterosexual Male)
  18. Portugal (Mature Woman)
  19. Ukraine

North America

  1. Mexico

South America

  1. Argentina
  2. Brazil
  3. Peru
  4. Venezuela
  5. Chile

South Asia

  1. India

Creating your profile on

One handy thing about creating your profile at is you don’t actually need to write anything in order to start browsing and searching for a potential date.

However, while creating your profile might take some time it’s worth your while as it highlights the kind of person you are and who you’re looking for.

But if you’re not too crazy about describing yourself and a little unsure about how the whole thing works, browse around and get a feel for the site and read other people’s profiles before you start.

As far as profile creating goes, it’s not one of those massive questionnaires that take ages to fill. It’s all pretty easy and straightforward, just keep ticking the boxes and choosing the appropriate answers. There’s not a lot you need to write yourself, but the more you put into it the more you’ll get out as potential matches get a better feel for who you are.

Searching for a date on

Next step after you’ve finished your profile is searching for potential dates. has plenty of incredibly useful search features to choose from. You can do a standard search where it looks for someone who matches the criteria you’ve set – such as age and location, or you can use a whole variety of filters from values and hobbies to salary.

For example, you could narrow your search to people within a 20-mile radius who are looking for a long term relationship, want to have children and don’t smoke. If these are all deal breakers for you then you don’t have to waste time digging through hundreds of profiles that don’t match up.

maxxmatch.comYou can also search by how recently people have been online, religious beliefs, height and hair colour. In any case, there’s plenty of members on so the chances of finding someone who makes your heart skip a beat are about as high as it gets for a European dating site.

Another great feature is the ‘change’ button, which enables you to change the language according to the country you live in. So if you don’t speak English, you can chat using your native language on the website.

Conclusion gets the whole package right and creates an ideal environment to meet and interact with potential matches.

Those new to online dating will appreciate how simple and intuitive the site is to use while experienced online daters will appreciate the lack of fake profiles and time-wasters so prevalent on other sites.

Overall, it’s definitely worth checking out.

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