Marking My Territory

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I once left my very beautiful flowery top in a guy’s house. It was very intentional, to mark my territory and also have a reason to go back there. We were seeing each other then.

Months later when he dumped me after deciding that he doesn’t like top-leaving territory markers in his life, it was a very silent but painful dumping, I called him enquiring whether he had seen a very beautiful flowery top marking territories in his house, crowding his life and invading his personal space, his answer was a no, a very doubtful delayed unsure no.

Of course he had seen it somewhere screaming “This is my space!! This is my man!! “, and decided to use it to wipe his muddy shoes or as a bathroom mat but no, the top embarked on a more serious course.

Later, when I was stalking him like any other normal desperate crazy nosy new ex-girlfriend , I saw a photo of his new girlfriend spotting a top similar in colour and design to my territory marking one laying on our then favourite sofa.

She looked happy and full in it. It must have been an inspirational top. It must have been a present from him. I felt cheated. I was broken. Devastated. Because, when we were so much in love, before our, sorry, before his love for me wore out, on one night when I went to his house, while carrying out self assigned wifely chores as he rested on the sofa hands crossed behind his head , I found a very beautiful night dress among his clothes.

Like any other normal jealous girlfriend, I confronted him. Sweetly and calmly , he told me that I had ruined his surprise for me but I could make it up to him by wearing it for him. I awwwwwwed and baibed him.

I did, I made it up to him. It was a good night after he took it off me.

I regretted making that poor decision after seeing the photos. When you visit him, leave with everything that belongs to you including your hairs, scent, pride and any imagination of you having been there.

Sometimes when you leave territory marking things in a guy’s house, they scream, ” Whom do I belong to? Rachael? Ella? Chloe? Maya? Olivia? Phoebe?” But the guy decides to whom it will belong to next.

Your territory marking things can last longer in a relationship than you and possibly see him through the next other un/successful relationship/s. Some things have been passed down through several relationships as presents. Next!! #Throwback.

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