Knock on the Door

After days of walking she finally knocked on the door to the house on the hill and pushed it open.
“Is it true? Can you remold one to what they want?”
The surprisingly young man looked at her and smiled, “I don’t see why you would want to alter anything but yes, it is true.”
“And all I have to do is tell you exactly what I want changed and you’ll change it?”
“Yes. But at a cos-“
“Then I want my face prettier. Pretty enough to turn heads.”
The man waved a whisk and smiled again. Handing her a mirror he said, “I hope this pleases you.”
She looked at her new face and excitement filled it.
“I want you to give me a small stomach.”
“How small?”
“Small enough for people to wonder if it’s even there.”
Another wave from his whisk and she could feel abs before she even touched them.”
“Tits! I want tits!”
“You have them, Ma’am.”
“Not these bee stings. Big tits to make my stomach look even smaller. And make them firm. With nice nipples.”
He smiled, “How nice?”
“Nice enough that they can make them out through my shirts.”
She squealed when she held them.
“I don’t have to guess too much what you want attending to next.”
“Yes! Shape it like a supple onion.”
“Unusual choice”
“So they look at it and want to weep with need.”
The whisk did its thing and she could feel a pull behind her.
“Good god! Even I want to cry looking at it,” she laughed.
“Will that be all?”
“I guess so… Lips! Big ones are in. Plump me up!”
And he did. She looked at her new self for several minutes as if wondering what next to ‘fix’.
“Are you unsatisfied?”
She looked up at him, gathering her thoughts.
“I don’t know,”
“Is there anything that isn’t big enough?”
She sighed.
“It’s not that. I just… I had hoped this would have made me feel good instantly. I mean I look good but_”
“The emptiness is still there?”
She started.
“Could I tell? Your eyes. They are the saddest I have ever gazed into.”
She hesitated before asking, “Can you fix that?”
“I don’t fix the inside unfortunately. Worse, with every physical change I make I take a little of your inside. And judging by how much you’ve altered trying to look like a doll I’d say you’ve achieved it as you are now as empty on the inside as a porcelain one. And just as fragile.”
She looked around, mortified.
“What have I done?”
“I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you. Those you sought to attract by coming here love their dolls hollow.”

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