I Miss You

I saw a dog today
Not one of those full of fluff like a Maltese
I guess it was a Retriever but I don’t know much about kinds
It barked and pulled on its leash eyeing me
Till I threw it biscuits and now we’re friends 
As I rubbed its chin I thought of you
And how much I miss you.

Then it rained
No warning clouds, just unforeseen downpour like the skies were bleeding
I ran to find shelter but I was already soaked when I got there
Spotted a daisy on the grass as I walked on
Happy to have its petals kissed back to life
I remembered the one you put in my hair
And how much I miss you

I took my shoes off and stepped into the hot shower fully clothed
As the water run down my shirt I felt your lips on my breasts
With hands parting my thighs you said, “With clothes on. You’re wetter that way.”
I tried to keep it down for the neighbors at first
But pleasure is a jealous boy who likes his music loud
And tonight he was playing Heavy Metal
I opened my eyes and the illusion of you disappeared
Climbed into bed, frustrated
From how much I miss you.

I want to tell you about the Retriever that might not be a Retriever
About the flower that was lucky to not be in my hair
The kiss on my lips with your name on it
But you’re not here.
You’re not here even though you lie next to me every night
I want to say how I miss
But you already forgot the sound of my voice.
Good night, Stranger.

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