I Have Fears

I have fears.
I’m afraid of looking down when I’m on the fifth floor of a building
They don’t believe me but I swear the ground calls my name.

I’m afraid of a spider that I hit but didn’t die
I can picture it telling on me to its elders.

I’m afraid of hunger
I can’t imagine there are those that experience it till they draw their last breath.

I’m afraid of swamps
There are more than a million ways to die down there.

I’m afraid of playing my favorite song too much
That when I wake up it has lost its magic.

I’m afraid of plans that go too well
There is always a catch.

I’m afraid of all the information out there
That I will die without accessing.

I’m afraid of letting people elevate me
When they stop they’ll be nothing left of me.

I’m afraid of missing out on good cake at a wedding
And thinking of it the rest of my life.

I’m afraid of all the tears I haven’t yet cried
Even though I know they are inevitable.

I’m frightened to numbness by the thought that you might not like me back.
But most of all, my worst nightmare is you staying away out of fear that I’m not the sort of woman to love without getting to know me first.

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