Dear Lucy

Dear Lucy, I made a list
You say an idea must be heard before it is dismissed
Hear me out, even if with a clenched fist
I carefully made a long list
Of men that you might fancy. Please don’t be pissed!

Sally dear,
I want to say no to be sincere
But you may not let this go I fear
Fine. Five minutes then you will disappear?

Five minutes is all I need!
To tell you of this tall gentleman, such a rare breed
If it’s attention you want it is guaranteed.
Talk about respect and it is his creed.

Respect is important, agreed
But you know who else had respect initially? Hamid.
If this is to work pay heed
You’ll have to be mighty impressive to get me concede.

Fine. I know one
He is always traveling, what fun!
You will wake up on different sides of the sun
Tobago, Bali, Paris. Chewing on raisin and cinnamon buns.

I can think of a hundred other places I’d rather go
Really, I don’t care if he’s showing me around chateaus
I’ll have to say no to your traveling Joe.

Then who would you rather?
Oh. Wait! I’ve thought of another!
This one a true lover, with kisses he will smother
Anywhere you like. Cheek, navel or even… souther.

Oh, bother
He sounds as unexciting as every other!
This list will have none interesting I gather
Make another, please, then holler.

It’s not the list, Dear Lucy
You are already enchanted by another, you see
Even if I scream the names of all others like a banshee
Your heart will still sing for that one I guarantee.

Then make another list, Dear Sally
Of ways to get my heart to deny him the way I do verbally.
Be quick at it, Sally!
I hurt terribly, pray, do not dally!

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