Are You Really a Reflection of The People You Surround Yourself With?

Once upon a time I stopped feeding myself with all these motivation speeches posted online. To some extent they all sounded the same and very generic.

I feel like the world has been made to fit in a box. It’s always the same thing… surround yourself with positive people, do yoga, drink the 6 glasses of water, read a book… how to motivate yourself!

And it’s fine if it works for you! It just doesn’t for me!

To make a conscious decision to surround yourself with positive people and dismiss those who may not be so positive in a sense is denying the reality that people are sometimes moulded by their experiences.

In my opinion we are slowly becoming insensitive to fact that life happens.No one woke up one morning and decided “I want to be angry and depressed!”

Why is it so hard to meet someone who is not at a good place and still choose to surround yourself with them because they are a representation of where you might end up. If we must all surround ourselves with positive vibes and positive people and all that why then would you share a post on mental health.

It’s the same way our folks always insisted that we should stay away from that one kid who was stubborn and the kid who picked up a cigarette before anyone. Truth is a lot of them turned out just fine!

I think we should just surround ourselves with people! Period!

I think when you choose to be friends with people because they work in the same field or they are all employed and making major strides in life, that is not friendship… sounds to me like a cartel.

I think it’s okay if you have a friend who is just never enthusiastic about life! I think it’s okay to have a friend who is unemployed! I think good and bad is relative! Good shouldn’t mean something you agree with.

Sometimes the good in people is the demons we choose not to confront while we pretend to be happy! All this talk on how you are the average of the people you spend your time with. Then I would gladly like to be an average representation of being human than pretend to be an average of go getters and all that cool jargon we use in this generation.

In my opinion I think life should be a story! Not a script!

We should just be aware of the feelings within us and stop trying to suppress them. Why on earth would I be smiling all the time. I go through a range of emotions and it makes sense to be aware of it and go through it.

The ultimate goal should be to live life without hurting other people and then the other personal goals can follow! But that’s just my opinion what do I know!

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